Predator One

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Predator One, A Joe Ledger Novel is full of suspense on the crime mystery genre. It is authored by Jonathan Maberry in his peculiar writing style. The novel is part 7 of the Joe Ledger book series. The narration f this over 16 hours long book is done by Ray Porter in his peculiar style with his vocal cords.

The story tells about the opening day of the baseball season. A small model airplane was seen flying down from the stands and rings the hillock, where a veteran pilot was just about to throw the first ball of the new season.

The model plane was an exact copy of the real fighter plane which was once flown fearlessly by the war hero. Everyone was laughing and thinking this to be a prank. Suddenly, it exploded fiercely and killed 10s of people.

Just a few seconds later, a group of drones was seen coming down on the panicking crowd at the ground. Each of the drone was equipped with a deadly bomb. All of a sudden and all across the country, the artificial intelligence associated with the driving systems in cars, buses, trains and even the fighter jets went completely out of control.

This was devastating and heart wrenching, while the death toll just within a little span of time soared to a high number. All the dependable machines for humans were turned into some deadly weapon.

Jonathan Maberry in his other novels could be seen in a totally different avatar as a writer, yet being stuck with his favorite crime mystery and thriller genre. Rage: A Joe Ledger and Rogue Team International Novel and the Deep Silence are a couple of his more novels with great storyline, characters situations, suspense and thrill to enjoy and cherish.



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