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Predator is chapter 14 of the long and exciting Scarpetta novel series. It is masterfully written by Patricia Cornwall who is a maestro when it comes to producing the best and the most mind-blowing novels in the crime mystery thriller zone. You will be thoroughly impressed and gripped with the level of suspense that the majority of her novels has got to offer. Predator is the one that has all the mentioned qualities here. There are several other novels from the author that you could think about listening to. The highly recommended novels written by Patricia are: Cruel and Unusual and Quantum: A Thriller.

The narration of this Predator novel is done by Lorelei King. The performance was just average and nothing that could amuse the audience a lot.

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Florida is a place known for having a lot of predators. It has everything from the animals who actually who thrive in their heat to the people who stalk the malls. And, all of them provided Scarpetta, a forensic specialist with a great opportunity. She was enabled to do whatever she could do best and that was to persuade the dead people to speak to her. What??? Yes, this is seriously what you will experience in this novel named Predator.

There is absolutely no doubt about the literary skills and abilities of Patricia Cornwell. Her character of Scarpetta and the entire series by the name has been phenomenal with hardly any significant thing to look for. However, the content of Predator was not that good and it had quite a poor plot, which failed to grab the attention of the listeners. In short, the predator is unbelievably awful.


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    1. Predator is not narrated by Lorelei King as the summary states. It’s narrated by Kate Redding. This is definitely not one of the better Scarpetta novels


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