Pretending to Dance

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Pretending to Dance is a very soulful and an energetic novel by the award winning best-selling author, Diane Chamberlain. This is one of her special novels and such a writing needs a lot of courage and determination, which Diane definitely has. The narration of this book has been done by Susan Bennett, who has been the voice in several other novels of Diane Chamberlain.

The story is about the character of Molly Arnette, who is known to be quite good in keeping secrets. She along with her hubby lives in the city of San Diego and are looking to adopt a baby. But, it was the daunting process with so many conditions that terrifies her a lot.

As they were going through the background checks and plenty of other questions as part of the process, so she was worried that the truth about her childhood in North Carolina doesn’t get out. The fact behind the truth was not having the potential to lose her chances of adopting a baby, but, it could also end her marriage.

20 years ago, Molly ran away from her family, when a shocking event left her completely distrustful of all those she ever loved. Her mother, who raised her from a baby to a grown-up girl was alive, and she was assuming her to be dead.

The Stolen Marriage and The Dream Daughter are two other popular novels by Diane Christian that you must check out to enjoy hours of entertainment.




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    The Stolen Marriage

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