Pretty Things

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We have seen women in negative roles but negativity in women is usually limited to relationships and we don’t expect crimes from them. Janelle Brown uses women power differently by putting before us two female characters that can cheat the whole world for their cause. Nina an educated modern girl once had dreams about a happy life that she was planning to build through hard work.

Hard work really not paid off for her and then there arouse a family issue attached to her mother’s illness. In order to make quick money she was left with just one inspiration i.e her boyfriend who taught her the art of cheating and stealing.

Snatching from the upper class proved perfect to her and she just went on with it even when she had no need of it anymore. After a few chapters the novel shifts focus to another girl named Vanessa who does not possess a poor background like Nina but she too is passionate like her.

As a celebrity on Instagram Vanessa thought that she could influence anyone but she failed to keep a grip on her boyfriend.  The three come together at Tahoe and find many things in common but all the things that they find in common are negative except their goal which is to give their lives a positive outlook.

Julia Whelan’s voice dominates mostly but Lauren Fortgang and Hillary Huber also have participated well. Watch Me Disappear and All We Ever Wanted Was Everything also have women characters that dominate the show and in Janelle Brown stories the characters don’t go in the fantasy world. Even the dreams that the ladies have in their minds are based on realistic approach.

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