Pride and Prejudice

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Domestic and social issues are always more appealing to the mind as compared to fictional work. Jane Austin’s novels always have a lot of reality in them as the stories are concerned or connected to the matters we usually confront. The characters are always ordinary and that has been a trend in the early 19th century, trying to leave out the Shakespearean heroes and portraying the original life as it is.

The novel discusses the issue of marriage that has been the main concern for the Bennett sisters as each one has her own opinion about marriage. There is another marriage that is rarely discussed in most occasion i.e the marriage of Mr and Mrs Bennett. We see different marriages that include love marriages, arranged marriages and of course the runaway situations are also present.

Jane Austen finally provides us with all the possible ways of marrying so that we can finally decide which one is the better option. At the end however the sister who after rejecting the first impression conception takes the way of experience proves to be a bit more successful than the rest.

Another wonderful thing about the novel is that like Emma and The Power and the Glory this novel too has a hint of imperialism in the characters, and though it is present in a hidden way but you can still feel it.

Rosamund Pike gives a lot of energy to this old tale with the narration and it’s awesome to listen to these new narrators narrating old piece of art in high passion. The narrator has also done some innovation sin story telling but the original story line is the same which is a good thing because many people don’t like change in story.



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