Prince Lestat and the Realms of Atlantis

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Chronicles continues with the emergence of a new vision i.e the vision of power. The vampire world now wants to make a utopia in the world, an ideal kind of a world where extreme power rules the whole domain without any interference.

Vampire Lestat during his life has been a fighter and someone who can have an impact on your mind and soul. Now he is once again raised as someone is trying to have a control over his undead body. Lestat himself fails to understand the reason until the story takes us to the myth of Atlantis. For many people of the time Atlantis is nothing more than just a myth.

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A story about an island that once has all the knowledge that there was on earth and when it vanished, everything sank with it. But how it has any connection with the vampire world is a tricky thing, something we have heard for the first time in literature. Anne Rice has mixed the Atlantis myth with the old vampires and she mingles well the tale of their sleeping along with the Atlantis vanishing from the face of the world. If we compare the story this twelfth part is much better than Prince Lestat because the previous part never had the never had the feeling of a voyage.

It was just a reintroduction of the whole series; this one takes us up and down in ocean revealing the interlinked stories about the vampires and Atlantis. Simon Vance is continuing the narration and he too appears to be much more mature than before and we can feel the thrill in the voice now. Member Benefit

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    Prince Lestat

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