Prince of Fire

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The character of Gabriel Allon has given Daniel Silva fame which most of the authors don’t get after decades of hard work. It is the uniqueness in the character and the depth in his personality which charms the listeners. Gabriel is not the usual lover boy sort of a man rather he is a man with a passion to solve cases and get to the hidden secrets that are there in the world.

During The Order and The Kill Artist, we have observed that he unveiled secret organizations that were working without being traced for decades. It’s finally back to where it all started in the first part of the series i.e Rome. All these years while working for the world of art Gabriel never expected that a day will come when he will have to go back to all that which he left permanently in life after the death of his family. Most of the people he meets every day don’t even know that he was once a top-ranked assassin.

Everything was going well until the enemy got its hands on his history files. Now they know who he is along with the new identity that he has been keeping successfully for years. So with no way to escape this one, Gabriel boots up and prepares himself for one more mission for his country and himself as well.

The world of crimes has developed so much in his absence but he knows the way to deal with it i.e with a bullet. Those who have been attached to this series for years would be a little disturbed at first to hear a different voice in narration. It is Guerin Barry who narrates this book and it is not a bad narration at all, you only need to listen to it with your heart involved.

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