Prince of Outcasts

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S.M. Stirling shifts the story to a new dimension this time- as the writer talks about the prince John Arminger the son of the high king of Montival and the second in the line to the throne.

John is not presented as the one who is hungry for power, and who could over through his own family member to get hold of his father’s throne.

He accepts that his sister is the correct person for the throne- as she is not only the eldest one in the family, but also she has proven her worth in the days of peace and war.

The problems that prince face at the start are- psychological as he does not know what to do. He always wanted to become a troubadour. But because of his family’s status, he failed to fulfill his dream, he could not become the king as long as his sister is alive. So, in desperation he sets on a voyage so that he can think about his role in the court and in life as well.

The dramatic twist is awesome as the ship named as the Tarshish Queen is soon caught in a storm. Which is not of an ordinary magnitude and after the end of the storm, John and his crew find themselves on the other side of the Pacific.

Surrounded by the danger that is not known to them. The story very beautifully shows the emergence of a prince who finally understands his role among his people.

The story once again separates us from the previous two parts The Golden Princess and The Desert and the Blade as they were about Montival and the princess. The narration is done in a low tone this time but is awesome to listen. And up till know Todd McLaren has become a basic ingredient of the “novels of the change”.

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