Prince of the Blood

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Prince Arutha of Krondor not a new name in the Riftwar Cycle of course, all of us have heard about him in Silverthorn.  This new portion in the series is not about him, it is about his next generation whose actions will decide the fate of the land forever. Blessed with twins Arutha thought that he could maintain peace forever but it was just his dream.

Borric and Erland the twins of the king took life in a less serious way because they took peace as something that would remain on the land forever. But then the unsettling started when the elder one was made the heir to the throne. The two brothers were going to the anniversary of the Queen of Kesh when Borric was attacked out of nowhere. Arutha showed patience because he knew that someone was trying to bring the unrest back to the land in this way.

The king allowed his two sons to continue their journey and then in the middle of the journey they were attacked once again and Borric was captured. Erland thought that his brother was dead so he started on in search of the murderers; Borric on the other hand escaped from captivity and started a search for his troops and brother.

Raymond E. Feist has brought suspense in this one and in every portion of the series the author has added something new. In Servant of the Empire it was magic and here Peter Joyce narrates suspense which surpasses the passion for action. There is suspense in the fate of the two brothers who have faced such a calamity for the first time in their lives also the enemies are not fully visible.

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