Princess of Dorsa

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The twisty story is not for the kids because there are bonds that an amateur cannot comprehend. Eliza Andrews has always tried to capture a mature audience and the author has not tried to attract teens on any occasion. Empress of Dorsa and Soldier of Dorsa is waiting for you so listen to this book as quickly as possible.

It is the story of Emperor Andreth’s throne that seems to have a female heir. The emperor has firm control over four realms and he is in need of a successor because he has a daughter and has not been blessed with a boy. Now he wants his daughter to marry the right kind of man who could prove himself as a successful heir to the throne. The emperor thought that it would be an easy thing to do but that was not the case at all because the princess was a stubborn girl and she was not willing to marry according to the will of her father.

When an assassination attempt on the princess takes place, the king thinks that he has to take the gigantic step really quickly. Though there has never been a female heir to the throne ever the emperor has been left with no other choice. The enemies start coming from all sides at once and there are a few hidden enemies i.e a cult that wants to eradicate the rule of the king forever.

Elizabeth Saydah has nicely started the first part and there is more action to come because of which the narrator has used a strong voice. Princess Natasia never wanted to take on any kind of responsibilities so quickly but she too finds herself without any kind of options.

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