Private Down Under

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It has now become a habit with James Patterson that he intentionally shifts to a different region of the world each time he starts writing a new part of his marvelous series. The “private” comes to Sydney as the new office is open for the service. The technology is state of the art and the service providers are skilled in the field, the best you can imagine.

However the cases that are provided to the company are always unique and really terrifying as well. The writer not only shifts to the different continents of the world but also writes about the culture trends and the traditions of the area with detail.

It seems that the writer always investigates quite a bit before taking a step into the new chapter. The launching part is disturbed badly when an Asian covered in blood enters the party and it seems that there are several mysteries attached to this single threat. We observe such circumstances in Private Berlin and Private London when the cases open in a big way.

This has been a trend with the stories now that the case approaches the department at the start and after that it’s just pure action and no rest for the whole crew who has recently joined the organization. New things are seen and new ways are invented to get to the root of the matter.

Tim Wright narrates this chapter and it is amazing that though the story is with a different narrator almost all the time but still the fun is not spoiled. Each narrator in the series has performed his role up to the mark.




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    Private Berlin

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