Professional Integrity

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This is another short story from The Riyria Chronicles series written by Michael J. Sullivan. In order to enjoy this book to the maximum, you really need not to have any prior knowledge of The Riyria Chronicles or the Riyria Revelations novel series. Rather, you will enjoy this standalone book, which could be a gateway to enter the actual long series, spanning various beautiful chapters. Tim Gerard Reynolds once again has given the beautiful narration of this novel which spans just over an hour. This science fiction fantasy is really that special one from Michael J. Sullivan, which by many is listened on a loop.

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A number of years have passed by since Hadrian and Royce joined forces to start their lives as thieves on hire. Their organization is known as Riyria. Things have been quite well for the 2-man team as they do their so-called jobs for all the nobles throughout Elan. It means to rob or steal something mostly. But, when it comes to a young heiress who asked them to steal something for her, then that was the first thing of its kind for the pair. All was not that obvious as it seems, but Royce s fully focused in order to get to the bottom of what actually is the reality. After all, the professional integrity for both of them was at high stake.

FREE: The Jester (A Riyria Chronicles Tale) is another short novel from Michael J. Sullivan, which you will love a lot. Another popular novel from the author, which is quite a detailed one is: Rise of Empire. Both are highly recommended for their excellent content and characterization.



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