Queen of Shadows

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Sarah J. Maas first throws her best creation in the ashes and then she comes out of it transformed and ready to take her seat in the cycle of life. Celaena lost everything that she loved in her life. We can seen her mourning on the things that she lost in Crown of Midnight and Heir of Fire but now she is back.

She is back to the empire that holds a key position in her life, as it is hers. She finally comes to know that she is the one whom everyone is waiting for and she is not running back. That is the key element in her personality that we observe in the third part as well that she never goes on the back foot.

No matter what the future has in store for her she never back down from a fight. This time the fight is not only got the kingdom and its people it is a fight for family and a dear friend as well. The king has her cousin who wants to meet her a second time and her friend are also in the dungeons of the king.

The Queen of Terrasen is ready to take her throne back at any cost as the poor girl is left with no other choice in life. Her past is not a terror for her as a new Queen is in the making that possesses the ability to fight fate even if it comes to her people. Elizabeth Evans changes the gear in pitch a little bit to adjust Celaena’s voice according to her newly acquired position as she is not an eighteen year old girl anymore.

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