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Quichotte is a fictional book written by Salman Rushdie. The author has written quite a few other novels which include the likes of Haroun and the Sea of Stories and Midnight’s Children. To have these books well experienced, you must try them in the given audio format.

Vikas Adam is a known name when it comes to narrating books in the best possible manner and that too by understanding the content of the book first. This was very well ensured by Vikas Adam and the performance was liked by the listeners.

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Quichotte is the story of an addled, courtly salesman who is obsessed with TV and falls in a highly impossible love or obsession with a TV star. Along with Sancho, his imaginary son, Quichotte sets off for a daunting quest all across America. He just wanted to prove himself worthy of asking her hand. He was seen chivalrously confronting the poignant perils of the time where anything could happen. His creator meanwhile in a midlife crisis has equally big trials of his own.

Rushdie in this chapter takes his fans on a wild ride that makes them go through a country that is right on the brink of spiritual and moral collapse. The way of his storytelling is quite good in fiction and considered as his hallmark. You will find some serious human quest to find love and that too in a very entertaining manner.

Quichotte is the bestselling book of its time in the New York Times. The book has quite an enjoyable tale and a different story for a fictional novel in routine. The performance from Vikas was also quite good and a big reason to try this book in audio format.

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