Raider’s Wake

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James L. Nelson has been successful in presenting the true picture of the Vikings through his books that came in rather quick succession. The Vikings no doubt have always been a restless group of people, they fight, and they die but still never fear. Always ready to fight another battle the Vikings of Vik-lo are once again seen loading their weapons. Though they barely escaped death in Night Wolf: A Novel of Viking Age Ireland but after returning to their homeland with their lord Thorgrim they are ready as hell for another mission.

They search for merchant ships this time because they want wealth food and other supplies that they can bring back with them to their land. After talking about death and destruction James L. Nelson once again infuses life in the Viking world. They are not hopeless rather they are ready to move in the open sea and once again find an enemy that is not ready to go on the back foot. The Vikings thought that they could now dominate the sea but another force emerges who proves to be an equal to Thorgrim in all the skills of warfare and possesses the ability to take the battle back to Vik-lo.

It is the shift of power which is the most luring thing in this series just when you think that one side has the advantage the author quickly turns the table and gives us an entirely new side of war. Shaun Grindell’s narration is still not losing grip and he is one of those narrators who never get tired of giving their hundred percent to their work.




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