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Rapture: Apocalypse Gates Author’s Cut, Book 1

The story is a life changer for poor Alvin who wakes up and thinks that he is just in another room but then the reality unfolds in a really big way and he comes to know that he is dead. Alvin died many days ago but then why he is alive too is an issue of great concern for him. He has not been a good man in his life but this does not mean that after his death is brain is sold to some maniac.

The one who bargained off his brain used him to clear some debt and now the one who purchased it is using it according to his own will. Instead of feeling sick of the situation the dead man finds it interesting and considers it a turning point in his life that is if he can call it his next life. The game in which his mind is loaded is a virtual death game and for Alvin the time has come to prove to the world what he really is.

If the world thinks that he is a bad guy that it is not a matter of concern for him as he opens the gates of the Apocalypse. An entirely new concept by Daniel Schinhofen but there is one little issue that till the end we cannot tell that the author wanted to prove Alvin a good person or an evil one. This is perhaps the author wanted us to have a quick go at Valley of Death and Gearing Up as well to know what the man really is.

Andrew Parsneau gives true protocol to this record breaking book through his narration. It is a real good attempt from him in all respects.

Rapture Rapture


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