Ready Player One

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The book again takes us the dream world that man has tried to create since the beginning of time and has failed in each attempt. Ernest Cline creates a utopia where everything is picture perfect but still the mind and soul wants something more.

The story has many layers, it has love, fortune, relax life with no fear of war but still, the residents want to achieve the ultimate prize for which they are ready to sacrifice their lives even, a prize that is hidden by the creator of the Oasis. The book rightly describes the basic nature of the man who wants to feel the sense of achievement, an ambition that ignites his life.

Wade Watts escapes the destroyed world in which he was living in and arrives in the Oasis not because it was beautiful but because it provided a sense of achievement. After that even falling in love with anyone in the given 10,000 planets was not enough for him because it was without any effort, and earning something always gives us a holy joy.

Halliday’s the creator has created a puzzle that no one has solved yet, not because it is difficult but also because it provides certain easy escapes which tempt the player every time they advance further.

After becoming the player in the game Wade not only threatens his own life which becomes at stake all the time but also after entering the game he is being watched by the rest and his performance do matter a lot now. The sudden shift into the real world again makes the achievement of utopia important for wade. The narration of Wil Wheaton nicely describes the intergalactic space drive and the needs to survive in the year 2044.

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