Reaper Man

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A lot of new stuff started in Mort and Terry Pratchett moves on with it here in this eleventh part of the series. Death a terrorizing thing for every living has finally left the Discworld, apparently it’s a good news for all. Good news soon turns into a bad news when the people of the Discworld see the consequences of the withdrawal of Death.

Ghosts of the dead ones are not leaving the town because no one is there to take them to the other world. Dead people have started to rise from their graves now because their souls are not leaving their bodies. One thing is for sure that if things go on like this there would be no place for the living on the Discworld. Windle Poons a wizard who died a few days ago is out of his grave but he is not in favor of the situation. Along with the wizard there is Reg Shoe the one who calls himself the Dead Rights activist.

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He remains busy all the time in dealing with the affairs of the dead but he too considers the situation alarming now. The two start a combine effort for the purpose and also get the aid of Ankh-Morpork i.e the undead of the town. It is the dead trying to save those who are alive for the sake of the future which does not belong to the undead zombies.

Nigel Planer gets another one to narrate after Moving Pictures, the narrator is going fine with these undead things from the start. A fluent style exists in Nigel’s narration and break free novel hit of our ears and mind whenever Nigel’s name is in the narrator’s column. Member Benefit

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