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Rebel Yell is a nonfictional book based on American History. It is a book about passion, violence and the reclamation of Stonewall Jackson. It is a long and exciting book for which the narration is given by Cotter Smith in his sharp, high pitch and expressive voice. The book is written by S. C. Gwynne in a very awesome manner for the audience to enjoy at its length.

General Stonewall Jackson was a unique person, which hardly one have ever seen a person like him ever. In April, 1862, General Stonewall Jackson was just another Confederate general, who is only attributed with one battle credential in his entire career and that too on the losing side.

By the mid of June, he managed to engineer the greatest military campaign ever in the history of America and he also managed to become one of the most renowned men in the Western World. He had given the Confederate cause is need, which it had lacked recently. That thing was “hope”.

In as many as 4 battles and 6 skirmishes in Shenandoah Valley in Virginia, Stonewall Jackson had taken an army, which was never ever more than 17,000 before, and sometimes, even had far less, who had to fight against troops with as many as 70,000 Union troops. The generals of those troops were ordered to destroy them completely.

If you are someone, who loves history and specifically related to America, then you are up for a treat with some top notch pieces of nonfictional writings on America history by none other than S. C. Gwynne. A couple of his exciting books on American history, but on different topics are Hymns of the Republic and Empire of the Summer Moon.




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