Red Rabbit

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Tom Clancy is really the author of the present era who really knows what the audience wants to listen and thus the stories are always a sure hit material. This thrilling series has also been getting appreciation when the first part Patriot Games came to the scene and got attention of reader worldwide.

Jack Ryan the one man army is not afraid to act when the time is right and people need him against the accursed enemies of the state. These stories are like the echoes of the past because Jack Ryan is not the young agent anymore he just recollects memories one after the other and the repaints them in front of us. The era is 1980 where Jack’s old memories take us this time, he was appointed directly by the Vice Admiral who was quite impressed by his performance against the IRA.

The first day becomes a teaser when he hears about the new Pope having an issue of his own with the government. The pope was facing a threat because the KGB has an issue with him as well. War against terror just goes bigger than ever and involves religion in it which is always the toughest to handle because there are more and more people emerging against you all the time.

Threats challenges everywhere for the new recruit on the job but he proves himself perfect for the post. This is the second part of the series that is narrated by Scott Brick the man famous for action series.

The British and Russian both pronunciations are handled to perfection in all the chapters of the novel.

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    Patriot Games

    The Hunt for Red October


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