Red Rising

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A society of different color is painted by Pierce Brown in this epic series. The color in this society that lives on Mars tells about the caste of the group as the society is color-coded. The red color is the one that is allotted to the lowest class which only serves the rest of the classes.Darrow the one who belongs to the lowest class is presented as the one who actually likes his work and is optimistic about the future of his generation. He is of the view that his generation will be able to get a healthy position in society once they reach the surface of Mars and make it livable for all.

The dream of the poor soul vanishes into thin air when he and the red coded people come to know the truth. The humanity for which they were working so hard reached the surface of the planet many years ago and they have been enjoying life since then. The surface world has parks and beautiful buildings among the beautiful landscape.

The Gold caste is in a rule as it is the tradition of the society but there is a competition among the ranks as well. Darrow is ready to do anything to bring freedom and equality to his class. He even shows his readiness to be like one of the upper class in order to fulfill the goal that is stuck in his mind. The series can be enjoyed fully along with its other parts like Golden Son and  Morning Star which further tell the tale of this new world order.

Tim Gerard Reynolds the narrator on the permanent job for the series starts the novel in an exact pattern by getting pace in a slow manner instead of setting off from the first word.


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