Red Sky over Hawaii

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Sara Ackerman sees the incident of Pearl Harbor in her own way as the author presents to us a tale that looks more real although it is fictional. Lana Hitchcock had a cool and contended life with her family until the tragedy approached the whole island on which she was living. Her home and her family perished in the attack and she never got the time for a last chat with her father.

Later she came to know about something about her family that was kept hidden from her; moreover her father had some property in the middle of the rain forest of which he never told her. Investigations related to the incident starts and the government starts arresting all of those who look suspicious.

Among those suspicious people were two German girls and two folks from a Japanese family. Lana instead of just keeping herself to her business puts her nose into the matter and provides these four people a safe shelter to hide. With this step she sacrifices her own safety two because her character could also become suspicious in the eyes of the government.

Wonderful story it reminds us of The Lieutenant’s Nurse and Island of Sweet Pies and Soldiers, the developing relationship between the characters present under the same roof is inspiring for all of us. In the voice of Jennifer Robideau we finally come to know what it means to be the members of a family. From total strangers the five people become so close that they are ready to sacrifice anything for one another. Lana of course is the dominant one because she was the first one to take the initiative of standing against the government.

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