Red Sparrow

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Red Sparrow is a marvelous mystery thriller written by Jason Matthews. Jeremy Bobb is the narrator of this novel, who with all his prior experience has been exceptional and made this engrossing novel even more tempting with her top class voice. It is a mystery thriller and happens to be the first chapter of the amazing The Red Sparrow trilogy.

The story is about present day Russia, which is dominated obviously by Vladimir Putin, the Prime Minister of the country. There in the country, Dominika Egorova struggles a lot as an intelligence officer in order to survive in the post-Soviet intelligence’s bureaucracy.

Dominika is known as a highly trained and skillful seductress in the deal and was recruited well against her resolve of becoming a “Sparrow”. She is given a task to work against Nathaniel Nash, who is a CIA officer and is responsible for the most critical task of penetrating into the Russian Intelligence.

Both of these highly skillful and well trained intelligence officers coming out fully equipped from their respective intelligence schools happened to collide in a much charged atmosphere. The atmosphere created was that of complete deception, tradecraft, inevitability and just about everything, which was threatening the careers of both these young intelligence officers. Not only this, but the security of both these American women in Moscow was at risk.

The Kremlin’s Candidate and Palace of Treason are top class novels by Jason Matthews, where again he has proved his versatility as a writer and his ability to produce a fine storyline with highly engaging characters. In order to best enjoy these recommended novels, make sure that you listen to their audio versions.



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