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Caitlin Davies narrates the last novel of the mega series i.e House of Night and she deserved this spot after being a part of the series for so long. Children too wanted the series to end with the familiar voice that they have been listening to for decade. P.C. Cast and Kirstin Cast made the evil priestess known to the House of Night in Revealed here Neferet also discloses her secret to the human world. Tulsa faces the wrath of the goddess severely and it is in need of a savior which could be Zoey.

She alone can use the Old Magik but she is not ready to face the consequences once again. With vampires and humans under threat, Zoey searches for other options to tackle the problem without the use of her ultimate powers but none proves helpful. She alone has to make another sacrifice for the world that was never friendly to her and rejected her on a number of occasions. For the sake of what is right the band stands once again leaving all the troubles and romance aside.

Last part of the series is written in high emotions, no one is really smiling even the evil goddess knows what is coming for her. All of such situations make this final part rather serious for a child’s point of view. Fights are enjoyable but killing scenes makes the listener sad on most of the occasions. Hope is there, like the one audience observed in Destined but it comes at a later stage after most of the evil stuff is finally over. Ending is good and it eases the situation with optimistic notes about the heroes.




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