Redeeming Love

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Francine Rivers gave many masterpieces to the listeners in the form of love stories which are heart touching. The author is actually famous for the love and romance that is there in the stories such as The Lady’s Mine and A Voice in the Wind. Here instead of knitting a new love story the author takes the help of a Biblical reference and writes the story of Hosea. The story not only has love but also shares a very important lesson for mankind i.e a lesson of forgiveness.

This is the lesson which provides us the message that we tend to have the ability to forgive the mistakes of our loved ones. The mistakes done in the past are forgivable if the person is not repeating it again in life. Hosea compares himself with a husband whose wife has committed adultery and now he has to forgive her in order to show his love and affection for her.

Kate Forbes narrates the story message of harmony in an equally strong voice because the story has a strong motive. The author has extended the story but not too much in order to keep it safe from boredom. Also we cannot say that it is written in a lighter tone, at times the story becomes corrosive when the dark is brought to light and becomes difficult for the main character to digest it.

Then slowly it comes back on the track and the things start becoming normal. However the past is not forgotten but it is accepted in a way that it becomes bearable to the ear. End has a lot of lessons which can only be understood if great care is given to the listening.

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