Reminders of Him

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Reminders of Him is a genre fiction novel. It is written by Colleen Hoover. She writes engaging young adult and romance novels. Slammed was the first novel published by the author in early 2012 and there was no looking back for her. Hopeless is the most talked-about novel of the author which also made it to the bestselling list of the New York Times.

The narration of Reminders of Him is done by the duo of Brittany Pressley and Ryan West. They both had a great voice and it was a very pleasant experience to listen to both of them becoming the voice of the characters of this book.

After spending five long years in prison for a terrible mistake Kenna made a return back to the place where it all started. Or, where it all went wrong. She was hoping against hope to seamlessly reunite with her 5 years old daughter. But, the disconnect between them made things extremely difficult to handle. Everybody in the life of her daughter wanted to shut Kenna out of her life. This was the situation despite her trying to prove her innocence.

Ledger Ward was the only person in the town who didn’t close his doors on Kenna. He was the owner of the local bar in town and one of the only few links to her daughter. They both went into a romantic relationship despite all the pressure around them. But, it was critically important for Kenna to first sort out her past so that she could think about a good future ahead.

Reminders of Him will be an emotional story that the author wrote with a lot of conviction. The narration did the trick to connect the characters with the audience so that they could feel their emotion.

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