Renegade Star: Publisher’s Pack 8

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Renegade Star: Publisher’s Pack 8 contains the 15th and 16th chapters of the Renegade Star novel series. These are action and adventure novels which are written by J. N. Chaney. He is an amazing writer of science fiction and fantasy novels. Many of his novels have two authors and one such good novel is Worlds Apart. Moreover, Wayward Galaxy 3 is another book that he has written along with Jason Anspach.

Luke Daniels once again came with a top-notch performance in the series and made this book a very pleasant experience for the listeners.

Renegade War is the 15th chapter in the series.

The war for the galaxy came much closer. Jace was under the command of the mythological gods and he must look to travel into the Sarkonian area for discovering a woman whom he had never met before. She was supposed to be the one with the key to unlocking the much-needed Gate of Eternity. A special weapon was also believed to be there which could end the Celestials war that was against mankind.

Renegade Peace is the 16th and conclusive chapter in the series.

 As the celestials tried to pave their path towards Earth, mankind must do anything and everything to make its ultimate stand. The Sarkonians Union and the Eternals along with the free mankind at Earth must join hands or else be prepared for extinction. But, that wouldn’t be an easy thing to do at all for them. It will be a great test of time, equipment, and skills. The stakes in this conclusive ware seemed to be high.

These two chapters are the last ones in the Renegade Star novel series. You will find this series coming to a very satisfying conclusion here.

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