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This wonderful tale is documented by F. Paul Wilson and narrated by Kurt Elftmann. These Thirteen Days and Reprisal are the best portrayals for readers. It is taken from the 5th volume of the “The Adversary Series”.

“Who am I? Why I’m you.The greatest aspects. I am the hint of ‘Richard Speck, Ed Gein, John Wayne Gacy, Ted Bundy, and Bin Laden’ in every one of you. I am the thousand little rankles and transient furies of your day at the vehicle that removed you on the road at the youngster who sneaked in front of you in line at the motion pictures and the old fart with the full bin in the eight-things just express checkout at the general store.

I am the dreadful happiness in the name-guests and the lenient aggravation, the self-hatred, the burning hot disdain, the smothered fury, and the never-to-be-satisfied guarantees of retribution in their objectives.

I am the everyday business double-crossings and the corporate men’s room character deaths. I am the spouse who beats his significant other, the mother who singes her kid, I am the jungle gym beatings of your sons, the rearward sitting arrangement assaults of your girls. I am your fury toward a kid molester and I am the pederast’s desire for your kid for his kid.

I am the gatekeeper’s scorn for their detainees and the detainees’ disdain for their watchmen, I am the knife, I am the truncheon, I am the shiv. I am the knife in the throat of the political dissenter, the meat snare on which he is hung, the dairy cattle goad that touches his privates. You have kept me alive, you have made me solid. I am you.

The everlasting abhorrent crushed in ‘The Keep and resurrected in Reborn’ has grown up and started to dole out retributions. He focuses on a couple of unfortunate people for annihilation now, yet soon the entire world will endure. What’s more, he will benefit from our tears and our aggravation.

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