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Peace restorer and the defenders of the state are back for another mission after being successful in the first. It was hard, it was brutal to bring the town out of the teeth of a maniac but Cole and Hitch were on to it. The experience was a new one for the Robert B. Parker the man who has been writing crimes since the start of his career but dealing with historical crime scenarios has never been his department.

The west was portrayed superbly in Appaloosa  and fiction was knitted along with the scenes that were deeply occupying and engaging. After the first mission Hitch was free so he accepted another job, it was simple just protecting a saloon in a new village. The work was not that much he just had to protect the ladies and the saloon of course but the good thing was that there was no eminent threat of any sort.

Then out of nowhere the men started coming and the gang war builds up sooner than the man protecting the saloon hoped. The arrival of the old friend Virgil Cole is a blessing because the man needed help both moral and on the field too. The time has come for the two to take the law in their own hands once again. After this one the fans are surely looking forward to Brimstone the next one in the series which once again in the voice of the same narrator i.e Titus Welliver.

The performance of Titus is unquestionable and unobjectionable after this part especially the narrator now understands the demand of the scenes and it is hoped that the series will continue with him.

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