Resurrecting Home

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Forsaking Home to Resurrecting Home, the author A. American has done well on his epic writing journey for The Survivalists series. The book is part 5 of The Survivalist series, which has the beautiful voice of Duke Fontaine that you could find very relatable and emotional.

Morgan Carter along with his family have finally endured and that too against all odds. This happened despite all the critical and worsening conditions that were surrounding Morgan Carter and his family. Carter’s crew along with their friends from the DHS camp, who were armed with al survival tactics, worked together in order to setup a sustainable community. But, no matter how much planning you do, you might not prepare yourself to face all types of situations. There are plenty of things and scenarios that do miss out in planning or are overlooked completely.

This time it was the huge wildfire that started and soon after, it was dangerous enough to threaten the existence of Morgan, his family and all his friends and acquaintances that he knew. Time has come for them to again decide, whether they want flight or fight? This needed to be answered in quick time by all people involved as time was running out and threat was getting close by every passing minute.

Conflicted Home and Surviving Home are novels from The Survivalist Series with a lot of twists and turns, which will make you think and worry about the struggling characters involved in it. It is so because the combination of brilliant author with an excellent narrator makes this a sensational novel, which you could feel and relate certain things in life, which you have faced or the challenges you have gone through as well.


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    Forsaking Home

    The Brink


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