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Neferet was not expecting a defeat at the hands of a little girl, also she thought that her planning was perfect but then it happened. Everything dashed to the ground for the evil side and the House of Night remained victorious.

Neferet was defeated but not dead, her anger goes out of control after the defeat. Planning has been one of the dark priestess’ strength in battle so she goes to planning instead of coming for another fight on the battleground. Evil has lost her power and control but conspiracies are at work on all fronts. In Tulsa Chaos is finally free and that House is going down because of this dark power.

Council at Tulsa has blamed the House of Night for everything which means an increase in the enemy list. For Zoey it’s another task with her life and repute on the line. She moves towards the danger with her team, this time she has an extra edge i.e the Council is supporting her each step. If someone has not listened to Awakened and Destined than he would face a lot of difficulty in understanding this one. P.C. Cast and Kirstin Cast have a habit of associating things of the past stories with the new one.

Caitlin Davies also narrates with the style that she adopted in the ninth and tenth part. Thus it is like listening to those same parts after a tea break or a short interval. Difference that we find is the touch of romance during the chat and dinner breaks. All the group members are tangled in love affairs and whenever and wherever they get the chance they enjoy those pleasurable moments.




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    Neferet’s Curse

    Redeemed-House of Night


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