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Revolution: Omega Force, Book 9

Action loaded and heart catching fictional series enters the next chapter with problem getting sky high but nothing is impossible for the Omega Force. Fighting for a cause has been the life of the squad and never ever have they backed down from a challenge. They thought of running away or leaving the ground in The Human Factor but it became indigestible for all of them especially the captain who still has a heart if not a human body. ConFed though corrupt from the inside still proves to be the best system in the entire galaxy as almost all the planets under its rule think that it is at least better than nothing.

The apparent peace is established because of this supreme power and for many it is more than enough in the era when there is a race for power everywhere. When the Omega team was assembled there were certain rumors about dismantling the ConFed and though many tried too but all of them failed. Now a certain group is with a deadly plan of its own.

It is trying to destroy the ConFed even without using the tool like a war. It means that the whole galaxy would be disturbed but who wants such a thing is the basic question. Luckily a team mate of Jason’s team knows what is going on and the team thus finally decides to interfere in a large way.

Joshua Dalzelle tries to make the Omega Force equally important as compared to the ConFed and now we can guess that where the writer is taking us slowly in this fictional series. The narrator is the same and Paul Heitsch is going well but it would be awesome if the narrator changes the intensity of dialogue delivery a little.

Revolution Revolution


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