Rich Dad Poor Dad

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Rich Dad Poor Dad is a nonfictional book based personal finance and investing matters. It particularly talks about that what the rich people teach their kids related with money matters and this is something, which the middle and poor class do not do, or they don’t have the capacity to do that. The book is written by Robert T. Kiyosaki and was a highly successful one. Tim Wheeler lend his voice for the narration and it was an excellently done performance. 

This book is more of a starting point for all those people, who are looking to gain complete control over all their financial matters and the future associated with it. 

The author Robert T. Kiyosaki has challenged and in a way altered the way in which millions of people all around the globe think about the financial matters. The perspective that most of them have about money actually reverses the conventional wisdom at times. The author with all his logic and sensible ideas have already earned a good reputation for irreverence, straight talk and courage etc. Robert is regarded as a highly passionate and relevant advocate for giving the best financial education worldwide. 

The author very beautifully summarizes that why people struggle financially. He says that it is mainly because many people doesn’t learn anything about money, while in school and eventually they need to learn to work hard for finances in the end.

Robert T. Kiysaki has done quite a few nonfictional books, where most of them are related to finances and investment ideas. A couple of similar books from the author are Rich Dad’s Guide to Investing and Rich Dad’s Cashflow Quadrant.

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