Rides a Dread Legion

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Raymond E. Feist successfully adds Dread Legion, a race that was long forgotten by the people of Midkemia. People of Midkemia think of this legion as a myth and thus its existence in the universe is just a fake tale for the new generation. No one now knows about their supreme rule and high technological skills but they are back to write a new chapter in their reign.

The revisit is not just a tour rather it is a voyage to reclaim the land that was once their property. Planet after planet the elves start going down and those who survive take shelter in Midkemia that serves as a safe haven still. Laromendis dark desires are unstoppable but the loyal magician of the land still stands firm for the protection of Midkemia. Pug himself a master magician now is fully aware what is coming to the Empire. He is the only one who is fully aware of the approaching danger and the danger that is already around his homeland. Conclave of Shadow unites with Pug but they need more power for which they go to the old friends and enemies.

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Queen Miranda and other characters from the old wars are again borrowed by the author for the battle with the clan of the Seven Stars. Not an amalgam of old stories like Magician: Apprentice and Magician: Master so the old fans should not think that the author is now mixing the old material. Just some characters remerge from the past and bring back old memories. After a long while the narrator is changed in this trilogy, John Meagher’s voice decorates this first part and it is a bearable voice.

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