Right Behind Her

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When the story started many years back, the author of the series Melinda Leigh described Bree as a woman who was in psychological pain. Her Second Death told us all about Bree i.e how her father killed her mother and then he committed suicide. For years Bree struggled to digest this truth about her parents. Then she grew up and became stronger physically and mentally.

She has solved many murder cases now and she thinks that she has become immune to such things. Thinking about the past is a waste of time for her so she does not waste her time rather she performs her duty as the sheriff of the town is an active and efficient way. Bree never expected that the skeleton in the closet will appear before her once again in her life. On the family farm, Bree and her brother find the bones of a man and woman who had been killed almost thirty years ago.

The method which was adopted to kill this couple was the same in which Bree’s father killed her mother. So the investigators think that Bree’s father actually killed these two people as well along with her mother. There is another man on the farm who claims that he knows a lot about the past but he too disappears when the dead bodies are found.

Moreover, Bree’s niece is nowhere to be found which clearly means that someone wants to divert Bree’s attention from the case. Bree had to use all the skills that she displayed in Drown Her Sorrows for the final disposition of this problem. It is Christina Traister again who is narrating this book and it seems that the narrator will continue till the last part.

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    Drown Her Sorrows

    Dead Against Her


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