Rise of the King

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The dark elf always finds something interesting in his life after losing several things that include true love as well. We see him losing friends, loved ones and the people whom he trusted more than any one in his life. Than the foes are turned into friends and the friends are turned into foes, treachery, deception the elf thus face everything but never loses the will to survive. Drizzt has always faced problems more than he could handle but there is always a way for the brave and daring.

The orcs of Many Arrows are trying to reignite something that lay buried for centuries and their evil plotting can bring a catastrophe for almost all of the tribes. But that is nothing that matters when you are maddened by the greed of power and hate that lies in the core of your heart.

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R.A. Salvatore’s motives in the story are like always narrated well by Victor Bevine and we have also developed a feeling of association with the writer enjoying his performance in Neverwinter , The Last Threshold and other such masterpiece stories. Though the book never had a separate voice for the male and the female characters but still we can easily understand the sentiments of both the sexes through the voice that always has a sense of feeling in it. We can easily distinguish the scenes in which certain characters are trying to deceive the rest of the band and the verbal irony too is depicted in style. This is the second book of this new series and one can expect the completion of trilogy quite soon by the look of this chapter.




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