Lycan Fallout: Rise of the Werewolf

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Werewolves were once in fashion once but then the writers attached their stories with the worlds unseen and the creatures of the dark lost their charm for a while. Now after concluding the long zombie era Mark Tufo starts writing about the werewolves a topic long forgotten. The energy is great and this first chapter along with its launching lays the base of the whole new horrifying world.

Narrator is the same; Sean Runnette did a good job in Reckoning and Conquest and this time a new world but a different war for survival. Human race is going extinct like always but they are not being killed instead they have been turning into werewolves and the source is still unknown. Mike has always been trying to get away from the war in which he was not interested at all but he finds himself in a mess once again. Fighting with the aliens was never his intension and now the werewolves are on his tale.

One human and then another enters the domain of creatures that cannot get rid of their thirst because their blood thirsty instincts are too wild to control. Whoever is bitten by a werewolf finds him with the same fate and the full moon craze brings the wilderness out making them more of an animal with a human like body.

Base is set but the plot is not unified, it is left open because it would leave place for the rest of the parts open. It’s like a virus that is spreading and people like Mike are desperate to find a cure because fighting is not the way for this calamity.

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