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Road Rage

The collection of stories has a spice of all the three writers. We find an element of each in the whole work. The story is excellently narrated but perhaps is not for those with quiet nature or who are not bike or speed lovers. The story also possesses loneliness in it when we are confronting the desert the whole time from start to the final chapter. The story lacks love and emotion there is just brutal revenge. Of course wonderful for action lovers who liked and loved the movie “throttle” based on the same phenomena. The way of narration is also wonderful but listening to harsh voice with perhaps a cigar in the mouth is not what you mostly want for a Sunday night if you are not a teenage action loving a boy who likes to wander on streets and possesses a lust for over speeding and for whom delay due to speed is like death.

Road Rage By Stenphen King

The heat of the desert can be felt through the powerful use of words and the aggression for the first time is felt in Stephen King’s work which is most of the time absent in his work as he wants to create awe instead of a brutal fight between the characters. The characters are also real which is unique when you think about King’s usual works. The story has certain aspects of the stories like the tower,  we observe the same lonely traveling as we saw in different parts of the tower series joyland by Stephen King and the running man.



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