Robert B. Parker’s Revelation

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They thought they were territorial marshals and heroes of the town and have gained trust of everyone around but that don’t leave their personalities beyond doubt. Virgil Cole and Everett Hitch got rid of the womanizer named as the Boston Bill Black, what they got in return was not a thanking speech from the town. They were thought to be the murderers of Boston Bill Black in Robert B. Parker’s Blackjack and barely escaped from the trial.

A lot of desperation on the trials but the two never left the duty which proves lucky for the town as a new evil has landed. Augustus Noble Driggs is the new curse the town faces luckily he is inside the town’s prison. Even in the prison he is a real pain for the new warden.

The drama goes big on jail break and the criminal squad takes the new lady warden with them. Kidnapping her was never their intention but they wanted something as a souvenir.

Every lawman in the area knows what would be Augustus’ next step he has been setting his eyes on a deposit of gold and jewels located in a safe haven in the town. Then the rogue also wants revenge from those because of whom he got arrested in the first place.

If not arrested Augustus would surely loot the town and will leave a lot of dead bodies to be collected by the local police. It was Rex Linn who narrated the previous tale of crime and action and now this next one is not very different at all. This one has more action involved than any other part, Augustus is the biggest force they ever dealt with and then they have to save the lady warden too.

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