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Two characters who now have a connection with the world of Phaze and Proton are Mach and Bane. Mach is from the machine world and he is apparently a robot but he is not entirely a robot because he can feel and think like humans. The connection with Bane has made Mach think in a different way. Bane is from the world of magic and he too appreciates this connection between the two that might change the fate of both worlds one day.

However, the enemies don’t want to see the friendship thriving because it can bring both worlds closer and Mach and Bane would be able to win the competition. In this fifth episode, we see a different approach from the enemy side as they go after the overs of Mach and Bane in order to control the two. Thus a clever scheme is adopted by the Adverse Adepts and they are not in the mood to kill anyone. The schemes don’t get revealed in the beginning and the audience has to show patience in order to reach the core of the matter.

Piers Anthony has brought a few changes in the series and it is a bit different in comparison to Juxtaposition and Out of Phaze The characters from both sides appear to be more mature and they have started thinking in different directions. One thing is for sure i.e both sides have equal chances of winning the game. The fate of both worlds is soon to be decided and there is a chance that magic and technology might not be the solution on this occasion. Narrator Traber Burns is ready for another one and the final two books are going to be pure fun for everyone.

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