Rogue World

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B.V. Larson’s favorite character and a well polished one James McGill goes on and on in his missions and from the first part we have seen that the hero has never turned back. No excuse is ever given by him in any of the missions and when he takes a job in his hands he gets the job done at any rate. Thus saving the universe has been part of his daily routines by throwing his life on the line all the time. With nothing to lose this one man army doesn’t even follow the galactic laws even. As this fantasy unfolds we can get the hint that the author is finally moving towards the conclusion of an era.

Novel opens with an unusual kind of news; Battle Fleet 921 is coming back to the Earth. People of the earth have long been forgotten about the sheep and its crew because it has been outer space for more than an era. No one knows about the adventures and the crew members too don’t know what had happened to the people of the earth in their absence.

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Everyone is with his or her own hidden agenda in the mind and their only one man like always who thinks beyond personal interest i.e James McGill. Mark Boyett has been contributing a lot to the series and though he has come of a long distance in the series but the listener cannot find any tiredness in the voice.

We can compare it with Machine World or other initial parts and surely there is not an atom of difference in all the seven parts. The only adjustment the narrator has made is the pace of with which he narrates the rest is a fine performance overall.




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