Rose Gold

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Rose Gold: An Easy Rawlins Mystery is the penultimate book so far by Walter Disney and the same magic and enthusiasm with his characters and situations could be felt in this book as well. The narration of this fantastic novel in a highly expressive tone is given by J.D. Jackson.

The story of this novel revolves around the Patty Hearst era, which was dominated by political kidnappings and radical Black Nationalism.  Uhuru Nolica, a former black boxer is now the leader of a revolutionary group, known as Scorched Earth. He was involved in the kidnapping of Rosemary Goldsmith, who was the daughter of a weapons manufacturer. She was abducted from UC Santa Barbara from her dorm.

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If they don’t get the demanded weapons, cash and the apology, then Rose Gold would be killed, and that too publicly and in a very brutal manner. Therefore, the State Department of U.S., FBI and the LAPD approached Easy Rawlins for resolving the matter. Easy Rawlins had the repute of a man who could cross any borders for the sake of resolving any tight and dangerous situation.

12 previous encounters of Easy Rawlins with his detective skills in tight mysterious situations makes him the go to man once again for the police. He did well this time again, but things weren’t easy for him to untangle the mystery involved with Rose Gold abduction.

Little Green and Little Scarlet novels are also written by Walter Mosley and are regarded as his best work done so far. Both these novels belong to the long Easy Rawlins mystery novel series and if you are starting that series randomly, then go with these two novels. You would then love to listen the entire novel series from cover to cover.



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