Rot & Ruin

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It’s nice to see Jonathan Maberry no writing something for the young readers as well. The writer has portrayed a strange kind of land this time, of course there are zombies in it like always but these zombies are a little different than the ones that are present in books like Dead of Night and Nights of the Living Dead, the zombies this time are on a run as the human beings they are killing them as a profession and are training one another in the art of zombie killing, so human beings are also not that innocent this time, running for their lives all the time.

Benny Imura is presented as a boy who after reaching fifteen does not like the family trade that leads him to killing filthy zombies all the time as he is not of the brutal type, the young lad wants to experiment in life and try to do things that are little constructive in nature but unluckily he fails in making his mark in all the other things that he adopts and thus finally accepts his fate of becoming a zombie killer but as he starts his training he comes to know about different hidden aspects of the human race of which he was previously unaware and thought of human beings as a milder creature that kill zombie just for their safety not for fun.

The story has a wonderful narration by the master narrator Brain Hutchison, the narration does not go up or down very much, it keeps on in a single pace and ends the story well on high tone. The ending is highly emotional not what you expect at the start and adds an extra spice to the tale.


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