Rousseau and Revolution

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Talking about the kings for a while, Will Durant and Ariel Durant again come to the world of literature. The Age of Reason Begins introduced us to Shakespeare and Bacon who were quite famous in their era. In today’s world those two names shine like stars in the same way, the philosophies which they introduced about humanity are still worthy.

So this book moves on with the same pattern in which Stefan Rudnicki narrates the story of another philosopher named Jean Jacques Rousseau. He was known as a rebel in his time because of his thoughts that brought a change in the entire mindset of the people. Rousseau was the kind of person who inculcated new ideas in the mind of the people and this changed their lives.

Before this people used to think about literature as a tool for expressing romantic or comic feelings. Rousseau told the audience how to use the literary work for the exploration of their own self in multiple ways. Every man according to these philosophies needed a social upheaval and this is his or her just right which cannot be negated. It is much like The Renaissance but the difference is that this book talks about mankind only.

The book is about a man with rebellious thoughts so it is written at a quick pace and there is no portion of the book where a listener can sit back and relax. One idea after another just keeps on coming to the surface and all of them look authentic. The ideas cannot be called as wild ones because they don’t go against human nature at any level.

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