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This is not the last part of the series but this is not like the second part where the war was actually going nowhere. Here the direction of war and the hidden motives of the rulers are made clear. There are several characters at work since the beginning and their works have started to make sense.

One of these men is Corban who once wanted to serve the king at any cost but now he has become a lost soul. He has lost many near and dear ones after which he decided to hide during Malice and Valor but now he is well aware of his surroundings. He thinks that the time to remain in the hiding is over now.

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Meanwhile the author John Gwynne tells us about Queen Rhin who has grown in power and she has taken hold of the west lands. King Nathair however still holds one of the seven treasures that are needed to raise the army from the underworld. The king in the past has been deceived many times and now he is well informed and knows all about his hidden enemies. Thus defeating him is a big problem now for everyone.

Queen Edana has her goals well set and she has grown in power and has been able to find more and more allies to join her side. Damian Lynch while narrating her character has given her a mature voice to show her emergence. So it is all happening in this series which is soon going to end in a big way. Legends will fall and new names will rise during the battle scenes on this occasion. Member Benefit

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