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A great trilogy if you are interested in romance especially the one that is knit by Amy Tintera. The first chapter has everything in it that you can desire for the weekend. Whether you are an adventure lover or are interested in sudden romance, or love you will find everything and in plenty.

The story begins with the introduction of a woman who has lost everything in war. Emelina Flores wanders the face of the earth without parents. Even her sister the only other living soul that she was left with after the death of her parents is not with her anymore. She was kidnapped by the evil forces.

The most beautiful thing that we observe in the novel is the zeal that Emelina shows. Despite the fact that she is completely ruined and is not blessed with any sort of power. She is determined to get revenge at any cost from the one who has made her life a hell.

She plans well after mixing with the enemy to whom she poses to be a princess. She plans to kill the king who is the one behind the war and his only son as well. Afterall, the son is the heir to the throne.


Emelina, however, is trapped in the love of the prince so much towards the middle of the novel. She even thinks of abandoning her mission for the sake of love.

Thus the whole thing becomes complex and interesting at the same time. And when you listen to it in the voice of Emily Rankin it really touches your heart. The series shares almost the same theme of the books Avenged and Allied by the same author. Of course, the love and war are always blended excellently by the writer, and the main character can choose only one of the two.

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