Runelords books 1-7

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The Runelords series by David Farland no doubt has everything in stock once you enter this world you are bound to like it. The series is so well carved that the one cannot think of parting with it until the story is finally finished. The story has both objective and subjective modes or we can say that the story from micro-level converges to a macro stage. Gaborn Val Orden the prince only wants the hand of the lovely Princess Some who is the girl of his dreams.

The prince is captivated by the beauty of the princess that he decides to go to her kingdom in disguise rather in full pomp and show so that he can understand her and her kingdom in a better way before sending the royal proposal. On the way to Salvarresta s strange thing happens that change the course of the story altogether and suddenly changes it from a love story into a war that goes bigger and bigger at every second step.

Gaborn and his royal assistant at first assume that the princess’s father the king was in danger but later as they investigate they come to know that the whole planet is under threat. The story quite wonderfully unfolds itself at every step and the revelation of the secrets also makes it more interesting and saves us from boredom.

The story also has war and fight scenes in plenty which is quite attractive for the action lovers. Ray Porter has delivered the narration service throughout the series which makes us a bit attached to his voice and narrative technique as well which has surely improved as the series continued. Chaosbound, book 8 of the Runelords series – David Farland and Freak Show – James St. James brings in some of the best thrilling stories like this one as well.

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