Salem Falls

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Rape issues are surely increasing these days all-around the world and stories come to our ears every now and then which we believe at once without thinking about it for a second time. We assume that it would be the fault of the adult and never consider that it could be the other way around. The society never trusts the one who is accused and all the sympathies are with the accuser.

Jodi Picoult paints the character of a school teacher who gets accused for a rape case not one but by a group of girls at the same time. His friends and co-workers fail to stand by his side, only a woman remains who try to advocate the case form his side. Jack St.


Bride was once a school teacher and during his career he did something that was not right at all but now he tries to start a new life as a dish cleaner. He is the same man but with a different personality and he likes his new life until he is accused again this time wrongly of course but no one believes a man who was once condemned of such a hideous crime.

Only Addie Peabody who has a spark of love in her heart for the man as well thinks that he has been accused wrongly this time. A Spark of Light and Leaving Time were never with the same stories but the details are described in the same way. Full details of the personality along with the scenes are provided with accuracy and we start to get mixed in the sleepy town after the story goes mid way.

Julia Gibson’s narration is plain and simple but effective because too much sensation was never needed the only thing we become curious is why the girls condemn the man a second time.

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