Sanctuary Dragon Jousters Series, Book 3

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Alta the homeland of Vetch is the only place that the boy loves more than anything and that’s why he returned to it with a new thought in mind. The things however appeared less friendly because Priest-Kings had the upper hand on Alta which would never allow his dream to come true.

Raising dragons and selecting dragon riders was the key for him but Alta does not prove to be a safe place for training thus the boy along with his friends shifted to the sanctuary. One thing that remains important now is to keep the sanctuary hidden from the enemy because if the secret is revealed they would surely be in extreme danger.

The enemy might appear before their training is complete and thus the dragon riders would be nothing more than sitting ducks. Vetch is completely aware that he and his friends are not asking for just a war they are going to start the war that could result in complete inhalation of the dragon rider if they fail. Better written than Joust and Alta by Mercedes Lackey, the author writes more boldly or freely here and it is evident that she is more confident with her new emerging hero.

Mercedes has dealt with Heralds in the past and dragon rider was a new experiment by her in which she has succeeded. Narrator Ryan Burke is also ready for the finale know and he too is in full swing now in all regards. This part ends where the dragon riders have finally completed their homework and still outnumbered they make themselves ready to stand against the enemy’s might.

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