Savage Wars

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Jason Anspach and Nick Cole take us on a trip far away in the past; it is a past that no one remembers on the new earth. Savages once ruled the Earth and everything present around it, and then the race left the planet in order to flourish more in the galaxy.

After that they just never returned to the solar system which allowed other beings to take their place. Savages never perished during their voyage rather they made themselves better than ever. In this first episode finally that strong race is coming back to reclaim what belongs to it alone.

They were strong once but now they are even mightier which makes them an unstoppable force to tackle. Just when a Savage lands on the New Vega its forces become alert and an attack is contacted. To their surprise they had never witnessed such a massive and strong creature before. After their evolution the Savages have become more polished in the art of warfare so it is not raw fight on the ground. The enemy has come with proper planning to take down the Post Earth and establish their rule once again in the solar system.

If we give narration by Stephen Lang a second chance we without any doubt start liking it but in the first impression it appears little fast to the ears.  Forget Nothing and Galaxy’s Edge were written in a different style, this latest series get the latest touch by the authors. More details are there, also the scenes of the galaxy and the new world is described with complete accuracy in order to make a picture in the mind of the audience.

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